Random updates because I can’t sleep

- just spent the weekend at Pops and it was absolutely amazing. Went wuad bike riding, held a snake, saw goats and peacocks, had a bonfire and visited my other grandparents
- still recovering from sickness
- booked another photo shoot in a few weeks
- off to Pops again in a few weeks with ma man
- trying to get back on track with my health and fitness
- seriously need to buy a new car asap!!


Joined the gym tonight :)

Off to my first visit tomorrow. I shall also get weighed and measured. Kee to a starting point. I am happy with my body but would definitely like to tone up and drop my fat percentage - already know its quiet high.

Ma man was cute saying that he likes the cute cassie and liles me just he way I am. He fears I’ll loose my butt! Nothing happens overnight fool hahaha but nice he was trying to compliment me. But ultimately ge supports me and my decisions so here goes project improve Cassandra’s health and fitness :)